Path to become a AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Posted 2 years ago


This is not a motivational article, and by no means i'll try to convince you the need to have a certification.
Each one of us must have its own motivation, reasons and the time to study for any kind of certification (it doens't matter how easy or not it is, we all must take our time and feel prepare to take the exam).
This is a short article for anyone and myself in the future showing the resources used to study for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. This is not a comprehensive list of materials, its a comprehensive list of materials that i use.

P.S: A very important point, since i'm from Brazil and speak portuguese, i also consume courses and materials of my language.


When i'm going to study for anything the first step is collect a lot of materials, courses and reference. Well, for any AWS certification there's a lot o resources available, but i enjoy a few, and that's listed bellow.


AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (SkillBuilder)

Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - 2022 (Udemy)

Formação AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (Alura)

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Course (CLF-C01) - Pass the Exam! (YouTube)

Prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam (LinkedIn)

AWS Essential Training for Developers (LinkedIn)


AWS CCP Certified Cloud Practitioner - Simulados Completos: Passe no exame na primeira tentativa


To take the test, just access the Amazon website and ask to buy an exam. I chose to perform online via PearsonVUE.
The scheduling and purchase process was very quick and I was able to schedule the exam on the same day.
An important point is to have an enclosed space and remove any objects, papers and other items that should not be near the test site.
As I have an office at home, I removed everything from the bench and the environment, leaving only the notebook.
The person who administered the exam (someone is watching you on the webcam) asked me to turn the laptop's camera around the entire environment to assess whether there was anything that could be used as a means of cheating on the test. He also checked that I wasn't wearing headphones or watches.

P.S: An important info is to run the hardware test to see if you notebook can be use to take the test (but this is well explained in their site).


If you study all these materials, you'll have a very broad understand of AWS Services and also good knowledge about specific ones (EC2, VPC, CloudWatch and etc).
Also is important to test de AWS (using a free account), or if in your work you do use AWS Services even better to pick up some behaviors that often go beyond the basics needed for the certification.

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